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It’s an intriguing concern, why dress in rubber?

To begin with, I suppose it’s very good to start with precisely what is rubber?

Rubber is a purely natural material, produced from the sap in the rubber tree. It’s collected, and handled, rolled flat into sheets and afterwards “vulcanised” which basicly implies they insert sulphur and Cook dinner it in 야짤 an oven!

Why make clothes from it?

Perfectly, Why don't you! It’s just like some other product, it may be sewn, but far more probable it’s glued jointly to create garments. The glues utilized are very strong, as strong as the fabric it’s bonding jointly. Rubber was once viewed as an “underground” substance to create apparel from, for fetishists only really, but now it’s having a lot more mainstream, it’s frequently used in Movie and television to either Express “engineering”or “futurism” or even “fetishism”.

An illustration of rubber getting used in films thoroughly might be The Matrix Trilogy. The majority of Trinity’s garments in which was made by Reactor Rubberwear ( as a great deal of the Matrix was actually filmed in Australia.

So come on, why would I put on it?